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Admission Policy

Berean Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, or national or ethnic origin in its hiring practices or student admissions.

Admission Procedure

  • An application must be filled out for each new student desiring admission including references, test scores, picture, and a hand-written auto-biography.
  • A visit with the Admissions Committee may be requested.
  • The Admissions Committee reviews the application, referrals, test scores and autobiography and makes a decision about the applicant.
  • The Director of Admissions notifies the family as to whether the student(s) has been accepted.
  • The school secretary requests transcripts and health records from the studentís previous school.
  • All applications are due by July 1. Any student accepted after July 15 is automatically placed on probation for one semester.
  • Senior transfers are admitted only upon special consideration.

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