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Christian Action

The Berean Academy Christian Action Committee is elected from the high school student body and serves the high school students.

The purpose of Christian Action:

  • To encourage each student to continually grow closer to Jesus Christ in his or her personal life
  • To promote unity in the student body as brothers and sisters in Christ
  • To provide each student opportunities to put his or her faith into practice by serving the Lord in some area of outreach
  • To support Berean students who are involved in summer missions projects

    The activities of Christian Action:

  • To plan an “After Glow” activity following Spiritual Emphasis Week to allow students to share decisions made and spiritual growth experienced during the week
  • To plan monthly worship services at the Newton Presbyterian Manor that allow students to share their faith with others
  • To plan fund raising events for Christian Action activities, for missions projects, and for support of Berean students involved in summer missions projects
  • To plan chapels in which Berean students involved in summer mission projects report back to the student body as to how the Lord used them in missions
  • To plan “See You at the Pole” activities to allow Berean students to join Christian students around the nation in praying for our country, leaders, and school
  • To plan weekly morning Bible studies and prayer meetings


  • President – Eric Busenitz
  • Vice-President – Troy Wiebe
  • Secretary – Ivy McClenahan
  • Treasurer – Aubrie Adams
  • Student Council Representative – Kara Wiebe
  • Faculty Sponsor – Leroy Busenitz

    Student Council

    Student Council consists of an executive committee and representatives from each student organization and class. The primary purpose of Student Council is to promote leadership development. The distinctive of Christ-like leadership is that of service. As Jesus came “not to be ministered unto but to minister to others,” so our students learn that a leader is effective only as the needs of others are considered.

    This student government organization plans activities and projects to promote student body interaction and social development. The initial activity of the school year is the Ice-breaker event which is planned in conjunction with Christian Action. A special chapel service and many recreational activities make this a full day event. Student Council also plans social events such as the Winter Banquet and Homecoming. “Fifth-Quarter” activities provide social opportunities for the winter sports seasons.


  • President – Thad Nichols
  • Vice President – Elizabeth Wuthnow
  • Secretary – Melissa Crew
  • Treasurer – Carlin Unruh
  • Faculty Sponsor – Jerry McClenahan

    Class Officers and Sponsors

    Senior Class:

  • President – Abby Claassen
  • Vice President – John Myers
  • Secretary – Katie Hoyt
  • Treasurer – Drew Busenitz
  • Stuco Rep – Tony Pearce
  • Christian Action Rep – Nate Olsen
  • Faculty Sponsor – Jason Wine

    Junior Class:

  • President – Cathryn Wiebe
  • Vice President – Kylan Cook
  • Secretary – Adriana Claassen
  • Treasurer – Kayla Wiebe
  • Stuco Rep – Dwight Moore
  • Christian Action Rep – Kristen Wiebe
  • Faculty Sponsor – Carmen Goering

    Sophomore Class:

  • President – Blake Barber
  • Vice President – Carol Spunaugle
  • Secretary – Bryce Roth
  • Treasurer – Ben Reed
  • Stuco Rep – Megan Ballard
  • Christian Action Rep – James Cook
  • Faculty Sponsor – Paul Rust

    Freshman Class:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Stuco Rep
  • Christian Action Rep
  • Faculty Sponsor – Lewis Wiebe

    Eighth Grade Class:

  • President – Marc Suderman
  • Vice President – Hailey Ballard
  • Secretary – Chelsi Harder
  • Treasurer – Alyssa Schoenwald
  • Faculty Sponsor – Shelly Friesen

    Seventh Grade Class:

  • President – Brady Barber
  • Vice President – Carrie Wiebe
  • Secretary – Kayla Wilgers
  • Treasurer – Casey Wiebe
  • Faculty Sponsor – Mark Anderson

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