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Doctrinal Statement
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Core Values
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Core Values

Biblical Authority: The Bible is divinely inspired and without error, authoritative and effective, and sufficient for faith and practice.

Biblical Integration: The Bible is integrated into every class.

Biblical World View: A Bible-based, Christ-centered world view is taught and modeled.

Educational Excellence: A well-rounded, accredited program of academic and extra-curricular activities.

Dedicated Qualified Staff: Competent in their fields of teaching, modeling Christ-like behavior.

Parental Partnership: Parents are the primary educators of their children and the school exists to assist them in the task.

Servant Leadership: Students are challenged and equipped for Christian discipleship and service.

Critical Thinking: Students will learn how to process information in the context of articulating Godís truth to the world.

Mutual Respect: Devoted to one another with honor, dignity, and respect.

Thoroughly Christian: Committed to Christ-like behavior in business and fiscal responsibility, in administrative and board leadership, and in personal conduct.

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